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Frequently Asked Questions


Helpful Information

How much do our services cost?

Our salon has a wealth of experience and each of our stylists have different levels of knowledge.  Some are growing their clientele, all of us share our knowledge together to give you the best experience, whoever does your hair.  

Everyones hair is different, some people have manes that take hours, when others have fine short hair that takes minutes, so we prefer to cost our services according to the length of time a service takes, this makes it fair for everyone. 

For these reasons we have different prices for each of our stylists as well as different prices for short hair and long hair.  As you can imagine our price list can look confusing but to us it makes perfect sense.  Until we meet you and you hair, it can be difficult to give an accurate price, why don't you pop in to meet one of our team who can guide you to the right stylist for your budget.

Why do we charge for colour consultations?

Our colour consultations are bespoke, we look at your skin colouring to see what will suit you best and use technology to look for your perfect colour and style, we really get deep in what has happened to your hair over the years and find solutions to any long term problems.  All of this is recorded digitally so we know exactly what we discussed when your colour appointment arrives.  

The magic of your consultation happens mostly after you have left.  Once we know where your hair has been and where you want it to go, we discuss as a team what process would be best to make sure we get your best colour without compromising your hairs condition.  To guarantee this we take a test piece of your hair and complete the whole process so that when you return we can show you what your hair has achieved.  This means we can all relax knowing it is going to work and you can enjoy the salon experience without worrying about the result.

The cost of your consultation is actually more like a deposit, once you return for the colour appointment we take the consultation charge off your bill.

What is your Goldcard VIP Club

We want to make sure our regular clients receive our very best offers, so we created the Goldcard VIP Club.  The club runs annually, with a members fee due in January, each member receives 10% of their in salon spend back in points (a bit like a Boots Card), members can redeem their points whenever they like during the year, some spend them on each visit and some save them to get loads of money off when spending on other things are high, like at Christmas.

As well as your points on what you spend, all our members are offered a monthly reward designed to give them something for free or a spend to save promotion, for example one month will be free olaplex in colour, another month is a free Kerastraight Intense Boost treatment (worth £25).  Other months are 342 on products or a discount on multi buy services.

All in all we want you to feel like you are in our gang, we look after you and give your hair what it needs to look gorgeous all year round.  The club has grown over the years and we love spoiling our members.

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