OliviaC Goldcard Membership

OliviaC Goldcard Membership


Join our Members club for 2021 to receive 10% back on your salon spend via a points system, automatically generated on our computer.  Each month we have a special offer just for members, this year we have adapted many of the offers in case we have to close, meaning you still have lots of opportunity to save.


The purpose behind our Goldcard members club is that we were tired of offering our best deals to new clients who didnt always appreciate them.  We wanted to reward the clients who have been loyal to our salon for years.  We wanted to give them a compehensive package to help them acheive their best hair, year after year.  Our monthly deals are chosen to give your hair what is best for the time of year, special treatments to protect your hair in Summer and Winter and the opportunity to get the best hair products at reduced prices.  You will also be invited to our exclusive Christmas shopping party in November to have first choice on our Christmas gift sets and amazing bulk buy offers.  You also have priority booking by being contacted as soon as our diary is open for the busiest times of the year.


The total cost is £45 this year.  However if you have paid a deposit of £5 to reserve your card you will be sent privatly a discount code to apply at the checkout.  


We want to thank you for purchasing your card this January.  It really means so much to have such fantastic clients who beleive in our salon as much as we do!!

Thanks you

Olivia x